Once your new roller garage door is installed having full after care support is important. So whether you need your local tradesmen or local service engineer to visit you, its a quick and simple process through our online support service. Of course, we do not expect there to be any problems with your door but as with all mechanical and electrical equipment having backup is important. The after service is very simple to follow much like the installation process and its all done online through our dedicated support website https://bdrw.co.uk


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How our online after care service works

If you have outstanding works required to be completed from your installation, if something did not go quite to plan on your installation or if you need a repair visit for a problem or fault with your door then following our processes on this page are the fastest way to getting them resolved. We have a dedicated team available on a dedicated website for afterservice called Big doors repairs and warranties https://bdrw.co.uk


Our planning team for BDRW work purely online only through this dedicated website. All after service recall visits for engineers and installers can only be planned and scheduled via our team working online on our BDRW site. Whilst members of our rolling door concepts team will be happy to assist with our after service online site, completion of our online form is required in order to schedule an appointment.

FAULT WITH YOUR DOOR? Here are the FIRST Steps to resolving a problem

1. First, check out our troubleshooting page. Quite often there is a really simple reason your door is not working as it should. For example, someone has inadvertently turned off the power! Please check out all the troubleshooting points first as this is definitely the FASTEST way to getting your door working.


2. If you've tried the troubleshooting but have not been able to resolve the problem then the next step is to arrange your engineer online by completing an easy warranty claim form. It does not take long to complete and will be the next quickest way to get an engineer to your door.


Please Note

When you submit your details for an engineers visit you will receive confirmation we have your claim. Then be assured we will do everything to sort your problem out as quickly as possible. The warranty claim site is monitored throughout our working hours so a member of the team will confirm your appointment via email as quick as they can with your engineers date. We manage our repairs very much like a hospital with red amber and green statuses. If your situation is an emergency situation we will look to dispatch an engineer within the same day - 3 working days depending on location. If your fault an non emergency although still important to us to apply a fix we will try and have your engineer out within a 2-4 week period. Again we will always endeavour to get to you as quickly as possible.


Here at Rolling door concepts we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction and positive reviews. However we know from time to time things may not go to plan and there may be a need for a customer to make a complaint. We accept negative feedback can occur and we always welcome such feedback to help us continually improve our service to our ever increasing number of customers. This is our official complaints procedure set out below.

1. Whether your problem is regarding any aspect of your door order. From the sales process to the installation itself or our after service should you need us after your installation. We ask that in the first instance you go through the respective department to resolve your problem. Team members are available in each department ready to assist you and get whatever your problem maybe resolved as quickly as they can.

SALES DEPARTMENT - [email protected] - for anything involving your sales order

PLANNING DEPARTMENT - [email protected] - for anything involving your installation

REPAIRS DEPARTMENT BDRW - Repairs@bdrw.co.uk - for anything involving after service for your garage door

2. If you feel that the department handling your problem has not been effective in resolving your issue and you would like to make an official complaint about your issue and the department then please proceed below to make an official complaint. We would ask you to double check our terms and conditions prior to proceeding to ensure that your request is not outside of the terms of our contract with you.

3. Submit your complaint by clicking on the icon below and completing our online complaints form.

4. Here at RDC we have a modern method for our company structure along with our online processes. We do not have a hierarchy of management and feel this type of structure is old and dated. We encourage all workers to make decisions within our terms and to drive for the same outcome of customer satisfaction and for that reason each department is responsible for itself. This complaint will be sent to all key members to come together to decide the best actions to take and outcome for you the customer. This can take 7 working days for a response to allow case data, and statements from departments to assist the response and help ensure a positive outcome.

5. A resolution will always be sought to ensure we can satisfy your request within our companies policies, terms and conditions.


Click here to register your complaint on our online complaints form