Door stopped suddenly during ascent or descent and now doesn't move?

This is most common straight after an installation or when friends and family have visited. Excessive use of the door opening and closing multiple times can cause the thermal override to activate in the motor unit. This is a safety feature built into all tubular motors to stop them overheating and burning out. When an installer is demonstrating the door numerous times, or if you're showing your door off, 4-5 times can cause this thermal to occur. But don't panic, it will last for approximately 20 minutes while the motor cools down and then your door will begin working again.

My door will not budge using any controls?

Firstly you need to check the indicator light on your control board to ensure the power is live to the door. This may sound crazy but it's so easy to unplug the door while using another gadget in your garage. Please check the power is turned on and live. If there is no light on the control box fitted to the wall inside then there is a power issue. Checking trip switches and fuses safely is recommended if there is no power.

If your power is fine, check your remote lockdown feature has not been engaged!! This is the Padlock button on your keyfob and if pressed by mistake will lock down all controls to your garage so your door will not work [this is a security feature]. To release this lockdown, simply press the square button on the bottom left of your handset. This will release the lockdown and all control functions will work again.

My door is stuck open!! My door opens fine but when I try to close it, it just clicks?

Please don't panic. If your door clicks or there is a buzzing sound this is your safety light curtain strips signalling there is an obstruction in the way. Firstly check that there is nothing in the way. The safety is very sensitive so please look for anything that could be protruding into the opening and remove it. Also give the black strips on the rear of the side rails a wipe down, just in case of web. Your door should now descend and operate as normal.

However - if this doesn't work ensure the bottom slat is in the side rails at the top and visible. To shut your door until we can get an engineer out please turn off your power, use your manual override system and following this instruction CAREFULLY

Internal override [handle and hook] turn the mechanism clockwise to close to the floor.

External override [using from outside] turn the mechanism clockwise to close to the floor.

If your door cannot be seen in the top of the channels you will need to access behind your cover box. To do this [using a Phillips screwdriver] you should remove the screws fitted underneath one on each side of the cover box holding it to the side plate. By removing these two fixings you will be able to see under the cover box and with the power turned off for safety you will be able to feed the door back into the channels. Once done you can now use your override to lower the door. Please do not use the override if the door cannot be seen in the channels as this will cause damage 

My wall control works but my keyfobs do not?

Please check the light on the keyfob are flashing. If they are not you should change the batteries. If the lights are flashing but not operating the door, you should attempt to reprogram the handsets. The instruction manual in your aftercare email will explain how to do this.


If you have tried troubleshooting but still have a problem and require an engineers visit, please submit a Claim Form against your Warranty