Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Rolling Doors Concepts would like to give our assurances to Customers that we are Following Government Protocol to ensure all guidelines are met during the current events.

The safety and well-being of our customers and colleagues is always our number one priority & we would like to reassure you that we are following the advice of Public Health England during the Coronavirus outbreak.


For Tier 3 hotspot areas, we are able to safely travel and still complete all client installations. Our team can work externally on your garage door in a coned off area, complete with PPE as per guidelines.
Transactions are electronic and communication can be from a distance via mobile phones.

Please see the video showing our Covid safe installation for Tier 3 Hotspots areas.  *Video has no sound*
  • Fitters will speak to you about your installation via mobile phone or one to one from a safe distance.
  • Fitters will cone off the area they will be working from so that you do not come into their working area.
  • Fitters will wear visors throughout the installation.
  • Payments can be made electronically via BACS.


In a rare speech, the monarch thanked the people for following government rules to stay at home and praised those coming together to help others. She also thanked key workers for saying "every hour of work brings us closer to a return to normal times".
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Tocilizumab, marketed as Actemra, is taken by patients with rheumatoid arthritis. It reduces inflammation, which is considered to be a complication of COVID-19. Chinese doctors gave it to 20 patients during the peak of the countries epidemic. 19 of the 20 were discharged within 14 days despite being critically ill.
Actemra has now been APPROVED for use in China -and has been approved for immediate trials in the US.


Chinese doctors recently arrived in Italy to support the specialist team appointed to COVID-19. Following this, Italy announced immediate trials to find a cure for COVID-19 with a drug known as Tocilizumab -more commonly known as ACTEMRA. With the mortality rate continually increasing, the Italians are already able to report that the drug worked with encouraging results to alleviate the symptoms in an Italian patient.
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About 35 companies and academic institutions are racing to create a vaccine for COVID-19. At least 4 of these have already started testing in animals. The incredible speed of the response is thanks in large to the early Chinese efforts to sequence the genetic material of Sars-CoV-2 the virus that causes COVID-19.

China shared that sequence in early January -allowing research groups around the world to grow the live virus and study how it invades human cells and makes people sick. Confidence is growing amongst scientists that a vaccine will be discovered very soon.

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A potential coronavirus vaccine developed by US scientists has been found to produce ANTIBODIES CAPABLE OF FIGHTING OFF COVID-19.

The vaccine which was tested on mice by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine generated the antibodies in quantities thought to be enough to 'neutralise' the virus within two weeks of injection. Human clinical trials are planned to start in the next few months. The vaccine which the authors are calling PittCoVacc uses lab-made pieces of viral protein to build immunity in the same way as a flu jab. The mice who were given the vaccine appear to have developed enough antibodies to neutralise the virus for at least a year. To increase potency, the researchers used a new drug delivery approach involving a fingertip-sized patch of 400 tiny micro-needles that inject the spike protein pieces into the skin, where the immune reaction is the strongest. The patch is stuck like plaster and the needles are made entirely of sugar and the protein pieces simply dissolve into the skin. Two of the key advantages of this particular vaccine is that it can be stored at room temperature and can be very quickly mass-produced. The fight against this pandemic needed a response and this is the human scientific response at breakneck speed.

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There are valid reasons why people make these suggestions, but in reality, not enough is known about COVID-19 and the way it will play out. But while we are on the subject let me explain why so many people make this assertion.

In 1918, there was an outbreak of Spanish Flu that killed approximately 40 Million people globally. 200,000 people in the UK died. This epidemic targeted children and adults - but did not appear to affect people over 75. Spanish flu, despite its name - had an unknown origin.

In 1957, 33,000 UK children died from a global epidemic known as Asian flu. It specifically targeted children but spared adults. Asian Flu originated in China.

In 1968, the world was hit with Hong Kong flu, an epidemic that killed 80,000 UK nationals of all age groups. Hong Kong flu originated in South China.

In 1989, the UK was hit with the flu that has gone on to be known simply as "The seasonal flu" - It originated in the UK and has remained predominantly in the UK, arriving every year in the colder months and receding in the summer. It targets over 75's -for which a flu-jab [vaccination] is required as annual protection. The seasonal flu killed 26,000 UK nationals in 1989 when it first appeared and continues to this day to kill approximately 17,000 people in the UK every year -this despite them having the flu jab [A flu vaccine].


Two Reasons;

  1. The immune system in older people deteriorates and the jab becomes less effective.
  2. The flu has a habit of mutating into a new strain that the body's immune system does not recognise. New vaccines need to be created against the constantly changing strains.

Typically, mortalities from the seasonal flu occur from November to end of March, and on average there are 17,000 UK deaths every year. They play out as 3400 deaths a month, 850 a week, and an average of 121 deaths a day. Unlike COVID-19 this doesn't make the daily news headlines - but it's happening nonetheless. The seasonal flu may not seem like a deadly disease - but for older people, it really is a significant problem every year. In 2009, the world was hit by an epidemic of Swine flu. It killed 457 people in the UK and targeted pregnant women and children -Swine flu originated in Mexico. There have been other flu epidemics which never reached the UK -For example SARS [2002] & MERS [2012] - For us, these were a 'near miss' - But they should have been the warning signs that a new flu pandemic was never going to be far away.

CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 - Nobody knows exactly how this will play out or what the true mortality figures will be. Thankfully it appears to spare children and mainly targets people over 75 and those with underlying health conditions. The best estimate is suggested by the UK government is that under 20,000 UK deaths would be a good outcome.

COVID-19 -v- SEASONAL FLU - It is because of this 20,000 COVID-19 mortality estimate by the governments' advisors that so many people have suggested it's no deadlier than the seasonal flu. But it's difficult to get a precise infection rate for either illness. COVID-19 could be deadlier than the seasonal flu and more likely to put someone in a hospital. Left to simply run through the population before a vaccine is found, this 20,000 estimated figure could multiply into millions of UK deaths. That's why the government had to impose curbs on everyday freedom in the UK.

LATEST FIGURES - As of 17th April 2020, there have been 2.15 Million confirmed cases worldwide and 145,000 deaths. On 17th April 2020, the UK reported 861 new deaths taking the total past 13,000


Daily death totals are not something usually reported in the UK. That's because deaths attributed to many different causes occur every day in every country across the world, and these make for grim and negative reading. For example, before the coronavirus epidemic struck, there was an average of 1648 deaths a day in the UK -364 days of the year. If we were to receive regular daily updates of deaths throughout the year we wouldn't be feeling very positive about life.

The daily deaths attributed to coronavirus appear alarming but in reality, they are only a small part of the overall picture. Will the deaths from coronavirus increase the expected 2020 annual total deaths in the UK? - According to the experts, not necessarily. For example, in the week ending 13th March 2020, there were a total of 11,019 deaths recorded in England & Wales from all causes -including deaths from COVID-19. But for the corresponding week ending 13th March 2019, there were 11,205 deaths recorded. There were many deaths attributed to coronavirus announced on a daily basis throughout the week ending 13th March 2020, and these daily reports sounded alarming. But the deaths from coronavirus didn't increase the weekly UK expected death rate.

Every year more than 600,000 people die in the UK from many different causes. Coronavirus deaths announced on a daily basis may not necessarily be "in addition to these" as statistician David Spiegelhalter, an expert in public understanding of risk at the University of Cambridge explains. There will be a substantial overlap in these two groups. Because many people who die of COVID-19 would have died anyway within a short period. It was a point recently acknowledged by Sir Patrick at a press conference when he said "there would be some overlap between Coronavirus deaths and expected deaths" he just didn't know how much of an overlap.

So in the days and weeks ahead, people will see some very alarming and increasing death toll figures attributed to COVID-19. They are alarming because we are not acquainted with seeing daily death toll figures of any sort. But it isn't until the end of the year that we will know if deaths from COVID-19 increased the average expected annual deaths in the UK or not. The opinion shared by many experts is that the annual expected UK death toll figure 2020, will level out to be 'about the same as normal'.


We've heard it all in recent days. Russia, The UK, China and The US all supposedly involved in a conspiracy from anything to reducing the population or destroying each others economy. The theory that's been doing the rounds is that someone somewhere has engineered COVID-19 and unleashed it upon humanity for reasons unknown. 5G is the latest target of speculation with celebrities jumping on board to increase public concern.

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The theory is that 5G has an adverse effect on the immune system and there's no denying concerns about the unknown effects of 5G on public health existed long before the pandemic struck. Whenever there's a human disaster there's a conspiracy theory too.

Here's what the scientists say:
COVID-19 is the product of natural evolution according to findings published today in the journal Nature Medicine. The analysis of pubic genome sequence data from SARS-CoV-2 and related viruses found no evidence that the virus was made in a laboratory or otherwise engineered.  "We can firmly determine that SARS-CoV-2 originated through natural processes," said Kristian Anderson, PhD, an associate professor of immunity and microbiology at Scripps Research and corresponding author on the paper.



5G is the fifth generation of wireless communication and the main difference between 4G and 5G is essentially speed. Its roll out across the world has coincided with a global pandemic named COVID-19. The pandemic originated in Wuhan, China and spread at incredible speed across the globe already infecting over 2 million people and killing thousands. It is, of course, the perfect storm for people to suggest there is a link between these two events. So what's really going on here and is there a link?
We thought we would gather some facts in the argument that 5G is playing a part versus the argument that it isn't.

Biologist Paul Doyon who was living in China throughout the Wuhan epidemic became so convinced a link existed that he wrote a study which included over 100 scientific references to substantiate his claims that 5G affects the immune system which is backed up by another study published in the medical journal, The Lancelot, January 24th, that found what it called a "cytokine storm" in infected patients where the body's own immune system was destroying other organs. Separately, Dr Martin Pall, PhD and professor of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University added concerns when he stated "Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got be the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world"

Wireless radiation from 1G to 5G all emit modulated radio-frequency electromagnetic fields and there are literally thousands of studies showing biological effects from exposure to man-made electromagnetic waves, and out of these, hundreds showing the biological effects on the immune system.
The point that is being made is it's accepted there is a virus on the loose, but that the 5G roll-out that has made the virus more virulent whilst simultaneously affecting the immune system, thus promoting the spread more rapidly whilst simultaneously 5G appears to be turning the immune system from a mechanism that is designed to protect our body's into one that's actually attacking our body's organs including the lungs.

Celebrities added their weight to the theory that a link between 5G and COVID-19 existed and a conspiracy theory gathered speed suggesting that if 5G is disengaged the problem of COVID-19 will go away. This led to vigilantes in the UK abusing telecom engineers and setting light to mobile phone masts.

OK, so that's the consensus linking 5G to COVID-19. But there's an equally overwhelming number of scientists and biologists that challenge this theory. The feeling on the other side of the fence is we are dealing with a coronavirus pandemic on a scale not seen for over 100 years and that whenever a catastrophe such as this hits, human beings have this blame-cultural need to identify someone or something, other than a natural occurrence to point the finger at. They say we only have to spend a very short time looking at the similarities of COVID-19 to The Spanish Flu, where there was no 5G or any levels of electromagnetic fields to blame, where the conspiracy theorists in those days instead turned their attention to blaming a new wonder drug that had arrived on the scene.

To understand this argument, let's look at the similarities of the Spanish Flu and COVID-19.

About 100 years ago, in 1918 a strain of influenza known as Spanish Flu caused a global pandemic, spreading across the globe and killing indiscriminately.  Estimates vary on the precise amounts of deaths it caused, but it is thought to have infected a third of the world's population and killed at least 50 Million.
The outbreak began in 1918 during the final months of World War 1 and the virus was spread as troops began to return home to locations all over the globe. The virus moved quickly across cities, towns and villages in the soldiers home countries. Many people were sick and hundreds were soon dying. Despite its name, The Spanish Flu pandemic originated from China - but Spain was hit hard, and within two weeks of its arrival in Spain more than 100,000 Spanish citizens were infected with the virus.
The virus rapidly took hold of Britain and British Prime Minister David Lloyd George became the first world leader to be infected -he was so ill he had to wear a ventilator.  He later recovered.  The symptoms of the illness involved headache, tiredness and fever, a nagging dry cough, a tight chest and difficulty breathing. Beyond that very quickly the lungs were becoming filled with fluid and the immune system seemed to go into overdrive attacking the persons own organs. Death soon followed. Over 675,000 people died in the US alone.  Governments seeking to reduce the spread gave the advice that people should stay at home. If they had to leave the home they should not shake hands with anyone or come within a distance of them. They should avoid touching anything and they should wear a mask. Governments ordered curbs of freedom of movement and trade, shops and businesses were closed and social distancing was introduced. Hospitals became quickly overwhelmed and large temporary hospitals were built all over the world. There was no known treatment for this virus, but there was a relatively new wonder drug on the scene called Aspirin.

An emergency hospital built during The Spanish Flu Pandemic, Camp Funston, Kansas 1918
An emergency hospital built during The Spanish Flu Pandemic, Camp Funston, Kansas 1918

High doses of Aspirin became the treatment of choice. Rumours and conspiracy theories backed by leading physicians quickly followed, laying the blame for the pandemic on Aspirin with claims that it was infected with flu germs. Following this, there were reports of the facilities that produced Aspirin coming under attack by vigilantes.

100 years on its easy to see that a flu-germ Aspirin wasn't the cause of the Spanish Flu.
The cause was a new virus for which there were no antibodies and the spread was facilitated by the end of the war and soldiers returning from an infected area to countries all over the globe. The warning signs have been there for a long while that a pandemic exactly like COVID-19 was highly likely to occur and blaming 5G or anything else for that matter is misguided and not useful.

In 2018 Dr Jonathan D Quick, an expert on epidemics worldwide was interviewed by the BBC. Listen to what he had to say in the following video - I believe it's very significant.

The rules in the theory of the law of probability have as much a part to play here as history. Before the arrival of COVID-19 We had been warned so many times of the "probability" of a novel coronavirus pandemic being on the horizon and we have been warned that history has a habit of repeating itself. It's reasonable on the balance of facts, that what we are most likely dealing with here is a virus that leapt from an animal to a human and spread across the globe just as the Spanish Flu did 100 years ago. Aspirin was blamed for the Spanish Flu just as 5G is being blamed for COVID-19.
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In 1918 during the Spanish Flu Pandemic, they encountered the same restrictions of movement as we are experiencing today. They made a massive error of judgement when they observed the 'curve' flattening. They lifted all curbs and people went back to normality. There was no warning whatsoever that the virus would come roaring back in the autumn of that year, having mutated into a terrifying killer, that within hours of infection made people collapse in the street with their lungs filling with fluids, gasping for air as their faces turned purple and they literally drowned. The first wave was nothing compared to the millions who perished the second time around. That's the problem here. The potential of a second wave that's deadlier than the first is a real possibility. It is so crucial the right decisions are made.


Vaccines were not available when the Spanish Flu Pandemic hit in 1918. Vaccines didn't arrive until the 1940s. The Spanish Flu ended after everyone had become infected. Those that survived developed immunity. And that was the end of that.

These days a vaccine can be developed and manufactured at breakneck speed. Testing is also taking place to develop a drug to treat those infected by the virus.
The experts say that freedom of movement shouldn't be allowed until a vaccine is available. And that makes perfect sense. But if curbs are lifted before that time, there must be a rigorous testing regime where effective contact tracing is maintained at all times.  This means the policy of telling people who believe they have developed the potential symptoms of COVID-19 to stay at home and self-isolate must be replaced by them receiving access to an immediate test. The result of that test needs to be immediate and a full-contact tracing system must be in place. At the moment the UK is a long way off from this. There's a lot of catching up to be done and nobody knows how long that's going to take. On a more positive note, an innovative new test that fits the bill is available in The UAE. This new and rapid test has just been introduced by Emirates, one of the world's biggest long haul carriers.
Emirates has become the worlds first airline to conduct incredibly rapid COVID-19blood tests for its passengers. Passengers practice social distancing at the airport and are quickly checked at a check-in area with results available WITHIN TEN MINUTES. Only those who test negative are allowed on the flight, and they receive a certificate to use at their destination airport to prove they are negative.

Pilots, Cabin crew and all passengers on the flight know there is no chance of transmission. Everyone is safe.
This has initially been introduced on their Dubai to Tunisia routes and is set to be scaled up from there. Emirates are leading the way and showing us what is possible. On that note, I would say the mood is positive. The Queen was right when she said we will beat this virus.


It is known that the vast majority of cases only involve mild symptoms which have not been tested and gone undetected. If we use the experts' predictions "there are likely ten times the amount of people infected". There are close to 1 million people infected with COVID-19 in the UK at this stage of the epidemic -from a population of 66.44 million. That means 1 person from every 66 is -or has been infected. Or you could say 65 from 66 aren't infected, which puts it into better perspective.


We've been in isolation for quite a while now. How comes so many people still continue to die from COVID-19 every day. Health experts suggest that the deaths reported daily refer back to people who became infected by COVID-19 four to six weeks ago. That's because it takes this amount of time from initial symptoms, to further symptoms, to testing, to hospitalisation and then recovery or in some cases, death.
Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 08.39.54
Despite the governments call for social distancing, people were slow to react. It's only a few weeks ago that people were packed like sardines into rush hour tubes.

An average tube has 8 carriages and carries 1047 passengers, 272 seated and 775 standing. Each carriage carries an average of 130 passengers. If one in sixty-six is an accurate estimate of the current people in the UK infected by COVID-19, it means there are very likely two infected passengers travelling in each over-crowded carriage.

I wonder how many people became infected by the end of each journey.
In hindsight reducing the number of tube trains running during the coronavirus epidemic may not have been the wisest decision -Although TFL insists the decision was due to a shortfall of staff who were self-isolating. There will be many people looking back now at their decision two weeks ago, to ignore the advice of PHE that was already being given. It is behaviour like this that is making the headlines now, only this time in a very different way.


On Thursday 26th March Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled his aid support for the self-employed. For many, this has been long overdue. And although the announcement has been welcomed, there are a number of exclusions and severe delays for the self-employed to receive first payments.

The biggest disappointment was that the majority of self-employed workers who need support today - or at the latest tomorrow been told that the first payments cannot be expected until June at the earliest. For many self-employed workers, this is a bridge too far.

Even the police were confused when Boris Johnson announced that only essential businesses should continue to trade. This statement was made on the day that shops were ordered to close and was specifically referring to shops and retailers. The statement was not aimed at all business sectors. Online retailers or companies who comply fully to the current social distancing rules were not the target. On the following day in the confusion surrounding the announcement the police were stopping all sorts of traders and escorting them home. It seems the police were trying to calculate by their own determination who were essential workers, and who were not. Save the confusion the statement "only essential businesses" was in reference to High Street shops and retail.
Rolling Doors Concepts are leading UK garage door manufacturers. We operate a very unique online service. Unlike our competitors, we do not employ sales-people or surveyors.
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Importantly there are no company representatives who are ever required to enter the home. The only person who will ever come to a customers address is the appointed door installer - and he works entirely outside with no need to enter the home or for any direct customer interaction.

Using our bespoke "kerbside service" the fitter completes everything in one visit and on the same day. The fitter will measure, fabricate and install the customers' new remote-controlled garage door in approximately 3 hours. All communication between the fitter and the homeowner can be managed over the phone. Payments can be completed electronically. The door is very straightforward to use and the user instructions are published on our website.



During this crisis, every RDC staff member is able to work from home. This includes the sales centre who have the facility of a state of the art remote switchboard system. Management communicates with all staff members via regular conference calls. We have established a way by which we can continue to trade efficiently and effectively without placing any staff member in a position of risk.


There are a number of reasons for us to continue to trade, but perhaps three key reasons.

  1. To protect jobs and continue to provide our staff with income and security
  2. To protect the self-employed at a time when they need it the most
  3. To provide our customers with a unique opportunity to improve their homes using a low-cost solution at a time when they are confined at home surrounded by so much gloom and doom. This neat and unique remote-controlled rolling garage door system is like a little ray of sunshine.


Like many companies operating in the home-improvement and construction industry, our national compliment of garage door fitters are self-employed. Turning our backs on them in a crisis or in their time of need is not something we would ever set out to do. Instead, what we have done is cut the prices of our remote controlled garage doors to an all-time low, to generate continued business to support these skilled and hard-working craftsmen.

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So if you are one of the many that have been considering upgrading your garage door, there has never been a better time or place to do so than now. Not only would you be adding your support to the self-employed in their time of need, but also positioned to take advantage of the lowest ever recorded prices for one of these unique garage doors that uses the highest levels of safety available in the UK market.

Please stay at home in line with the Government Guidelines and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support through these unprecedented times.