The following specifications apply to ALL of our doors


The 55mm Compact Door Curtain comprises of interlocking double skinned foam insulated slats. Wind tested and certified to be used on doors up to 2500mm wide. They come fully polyester powder coated giving a durable paint finish to last.

Dimensions 55mm high by 14mm depth (with curve)

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Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 23.38.59


The automated garage door is power by a 60Nm tubular motor installed inside of a 60mm hexagonal aluminium steel tube. This motor has a built-in internal manual override in case of power failure and thermal cut out in case of overuse at any one time.

If there is no rear door into your garage a lockable external manual override is installed and drilled to the outside for external use.

  • Model of motor         :    60nm
  • Voltage                        :    230V/50Hz
  • Power                          :    320 W
  • Current                       :    1.6A
  • Torque                        :    60Nm
  • Duty rating                :    4min
  • R.P.M                          :    12r/min
  • Lifting Capacity        :    85Kg


Every Door comes with strong aluminium side channels, these allow the door slats to sit in and glide up and down. They come with two strips of brush to improve insulation at the sides, reduce any rattling from the door slats and to protect them. The channels are 66mm wide and can be fitted between or behind your brick piers.

Side Channel


Our unique RDC automated garage door come with circular plates, no awkward square shapes where you could even catch your head!! By using our unique circular plate system we are able to be one of the only UK manufacturers who can offer you a completely insulated coverhood. All doors come with a coverhood as standard to prevent hand draw risk as per the machine directives. To add to this the circular system looks far better!!

These plates can position under the lintel with the channels between the piers or up behind the lintel with the channels behind the piers, you can discuss both options with the fitter when he arrives


RDC Doors come with an amazing remote control system. This superior advance control unit comes standard with 2 handheld key fobs, but has memory for up to 25 units should you require more - extra handsets are £75.00 each. The LR Series remote stands for Long Range and has a radius of 50metres+ so you can open the door from the comfort of your car. As well as the remote control handsets the system itself has a handy up/down control built into the front cover. The remotes operate on a single click of the button for up, and single click for down as all door systems have a fully comprehensive detection device. Remote system frequency 433MHz.

Door Control System

This system also comes with the highest level, state of the art safety system called light curtaining.This is a comprehensive detection device which stops the door should any obstacles be underneath it. It is the most expensive and superior type of safety system you can get on a Roller Garage Door.

At RDC we believe in SAFETY FIRST and this is not something you should compromise on.

LG Example

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