Roller Garage Doors Essex

Roller Garage Doors in Essex

We have a wide selection of roller garage doors at Sentry Rolling Doors. There are so many options when it comes to garage doors, we are on hand to help answer any questions that you might have because we want our customers to choose the right garage door for their home. Traditional panel garage doors are on the out, with roller garage doors taking the market in Essex by storm.

Adding a roller garage door to your home is an investment and will give the exterior an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming entrance to your home.

Why Choose a Roller Garage Door from Sentry Rolling Doors in Essex?

Our manufacturing manager sources only the highest quality aluminium from reputable suppliers in Europe and are produced here in the UK to the highest standards for performance and safety. There are many companies that do not adhere to the UK safety guidelines, so get in contact with us to ensure your hard earned money is well spent.

Once manufactured and tested, we finish all of our garage doors in a high quality polyester powder finish, there are many colours that you can choose from, making roller garage doors customisable and adaptable. The garage door is then ready to be cut to measure to be installed at your home. 

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Our unique curb side service means that we can pass our savings onto you with just one appointment for installation.

First, you speak to one of our expert team members about your requirements and preferences, we then take your details and simply organise a time that suits you for the installation. 

Working with expert garage installation teams across the UK, we simply send your order out for installation to them and the measuring and fitting of your new garage door is just one easy to manage appointment where the door is cut on site to your garage opening.


Gone are the days of manual opening. All of our garage doors are finished with a high quality paint that requires little-to-no maintenance, meaning that those rusty garage door lined streets are a thing of the past.

Growing hugely in popularity, roller garage doors will have your home standing out from the rest. Our doors are an investment in your home with the power to not only add aesthetics, but also the power to add value to your home.

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 If you are looking for a roller garage door in Essex that is high    quality, but doesn’t break the bank then you are in the right place. We have a highly specialised and friendly team that are waiting for your call to answer any questions that you might have.

The satisfaction of every one of our customers is our top priority. With our focus  on operating efficiently and manufacturing only the highest quality roller garage doors. We have an outstanding reputation and track record in Essex as one of the most reputable companies, something that we take great pride in.  The initial quote you receive is the final price, operating with full transparency, you can be assured that there are no hidden surprises.

A roller garage door is an investment in your home, an added layer of security and  to top that all of you will have peace of mind with a comprehensive warranty that your home, your family and your possessions are safe. 

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Excellent Manufacturing, Supply, And Install Service

Our automated garage door motors are powered with a 60Nm tubular motor that’s installed in a 60mm hexagonally shaped aluminium steel tube. If there’s a power cut, however, you don’t need to be concerned. There’s a built in manual override. If you don’t have any other doors into your garage, we can install a lockable external manual override on the outside of the garage for an additional £40.

Once your door is installed, we will provide you with two remotes (any additional fobs are £75 each) that work with our remote control system. Our doors have an LR series remote which can handle a radius of up to 50 metres. That means you don’t have to get out of your car to open the garage door handy for when it rains.

We take safety seriously at Sentry Rolling Doors UK, and our automatic garage doors also have a safety system included called light curtaining. They can detect objects underneath the door and stop closing if there is anything stuck in the way. We believe with safety, there are no compromises.

If you don’t believe us, you can read our reviews page where there are plenty of happy customers sharing their stories.

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Speaking to an advisor on our sales team is the best way to take advantage of any new offers and get a discounted price on your automatic rolling garage door. You can contact us at any time via telephone or email. Or you can access our live chat option with the green icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.