Solar Powered Roller Garage Door

Solar powered garage doors are perfect if you want an automated garage door, but do not have power going to your garage or outbuilding. Even if you do, solar powered garage door sales are on the rise across the UK because of their efficiency and energy saving properties. At Sentry Rolling Doors, we are passionate about manufacturing garage doors, providing UK homes with sleek, aesthetically pleasing and affordable low maintenance doors that provide security for homes as well.

A simple solar panel fitted that allows your garage to operate purely with the power of the sun. While this will not generate enough to power a house, the door will always have power to open and close without a worry. There really is a new found freedom that solar powered garage doors bring to a space that has no electricity. No longer dependent on mains power supply, the roller garage doors can be fitted to nearly any garage or outbuilding opening with ease.

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What Makes Our Solar Powered Garage Doors Different?

Don’t think of a solar powered garage door as simply a garage door, but an energy efficient addition to your garage or outbuilding. All of our solar garage doors are durable with their double skinned aluminium structure and their added insulation properties ensure that your garage space is comfortable and secure all year round.

Aside from our garage doors being extremely well made and manufactured in the UK, adhering to all safety regulations, the benefits go on and on. With no need for a power supply for the garage door to operate, that means there is no need for drilling into the walls and installing and fixing unsightly cables.

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Remote Controlled

Multiple Colours

Light Curtaining

Easy to Use

No Safety Compromises

High Quality Solar Powered Garage Door Motor And Remote Control System

We are leaders in the solar powered garage door manufacturing space. We are passionate about ensuring. Our remote operated, fully solar powered, automatic roller garage doors have a vertical opening mechanism, allowing you to enjoy the maximum amount of space in your garage.

We are industry leaders in manufacturing roller garage doors and we have an exceptional customer satisfaction rate that we strive to protect at all costs.

Sentry Rolling Doors will help you with every part of the process, from choosing a colour that will suit your home’s aesthetic, the organising of a suitable day for the installation and  the removal of your old garage door for your convenience.

The compact design of the garage door and the vertical automatic opening, maximises the height and length of your garage space compared to a lot of other garage door solutions that are currently on the market is maximised and your can enjoy the true potential of your garage.

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