Space Saver Roller Garage Doors

A space saver roller garage door will completely change your garage! At Sentry Rolling Doors, we bring you the very best in UK roller garage doors. We are an end to end supplier, meaning we source our aluminium and manufacture our robust garage doors here in the UK. We work with experienced teams of installers to carry out our roller garage door installations.

Our space saver garage doors are compact by their very definition and have a clever and intriguing design. In contrast to conventional up and over garage doors, our space saving roller doors open and close along vertical rails that sit just inside the door recess. This means you won’t need to worry about parking a vehicle too close to the door, or keeping the area behind the garage door clear so you can open it.

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Space Saver Garage Door

We Supply and Install High Quality Space Saving Garage Doors

We are the number one choice if you are looking for a new roller garage door that will function perfectly and maximise your garage space.

Our garage doors have been successfully installed in all types of properties and outbuildings across the UK. Our unique service means that all of our roller garage doors are totally bespoke. We can supply and install single or double garage doors. Our kerbside service means your door will fit perfectly.

You can expect high quality from your garage door. All of our garage doors comply with the UK regulations of safety, are made of robust and durable aluminium, which we double skin and insulate for your comfort. All of our garage doors are of a high quality finish and are available in a huge range of colours, so there really is something for everyone’s style and aesthetic.

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Remote Controlled

Multiple Colours

Light Curtaining

Easy to Use

No Safety Compromises

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We value customer satisfaction. This is why we offer value for money and a quality service. If you are hoping to utilise more space in your garage, then the space saver garage door will be the perfect addition. We are not just industry leading experts in the garage door space, we go a step further and result care about the satisfaction of our customers, so much so that we offer a comprehensive warranty to ensure your peace of mind. 

If this sounds like the solution for you or you have any questions about the function of our garage doors then get in touch and talk to an expert today who will happily guide you through the process.

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Excellent Automatic Garage Door Manufacturing, Supply, and Install Service

We manufacture all our garage doors in-house and have an excellent sales team to help you get the most suitable automatic garage door. Once you’ve carried out your initial call, you’ll experience our unique kerbside service.

All our garage doors arrive slightly oversized. On the day of installation, our trained installer will take measurements and cut the door down to match your requirements, so you don’t need to worry that the door arrives and won’t fit. This means we can guarantee a first-time installation.

Once it’s installed, they’ll run through a demonstration with you and provide you with a payment receipt, instructions booklet, and warranty certificate. If you have a fault or something goes wrong, you can easily contact our aftercare team, who can support you with any ongoing queries or concerns.

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